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Throttle Muscle FX805 Synthetic Engine Treatment


Product Description

FX805 Full Synthetic Engine Treatment

Many new cars are requiring the use of synthetic motor oil.  Why dilute your synthetic motor oil with a conventional oil additive?

Fully formulated synthetic base motor oil meets or exceeds GF5 requirements which helps reduce emission and maximize fuel economy

Helps extend engine life in vehicles of any age.

Helps reduce engine wear, prevent sludge buildup and control oil consumption

Outstanding protection for critical engine parts even at high temperatures

Contains unique support package that helps bond PTFE to the metal parts of the engine resulting in a less friction and lower wear on the surfaces

Does not react to other chemicals in the motor oil

Compatible with all types of motor oil and can be used in gas or diesel engines

Made in the USA!

Case 12, 16oz Bottles

Will not void manufacturer's warranty

Product Reviews

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  1. Can't beat the performance for the price!!!

    Posted by Alex on 21st Feb 2017

    I've been searching for a good engine treatment for a long time. I've tried them all: STP, Liqui-Moly, Tuf-Oil, Slick 50, Z-Max, name it, I've tried it. Most are just gimmicks and don't do anything. I wanted to find a treatment fortified with PTFE (because we all know PTFE, the primary chemical used to produce Teflon by Du-Pont, is the SLICKEST synthetic checmical known to man.) The treatment is clear and you do not see any PTFE solids. The PTFE is mircoscopic and suspended in the liquid. Throttle Muscle's FX805 really covers everything that I was looking for and the price is VERY reasonable. You are assured 100% engine protection. I would highly recommend a bottle with every oil change to keep your engine running smooth and protected from wear, blow-by, and thermal breakdown.